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3rd Basingstoke Posted on Sun, February 21, 2016 09:16

The Boys of the Company Section and Senior Section wrote and performed a short cooking film for one of their classes. Quite funny to watch. Well done lads. The film can be found on our Facebook page at:

2016 Church Parades

3rd Basingstoke Posted on Fri, January 15, 2016 14:44

Here are the dates for this year’s Church Parade services:

* Sunday 14 February
* Sunday 10 April
* Sunday 12 June
* Sunday 9 October
* Sunday 11 December

50th Anniversary Invitation

3rd Basingstoke Posted on Tue, September 22, 2015 10:49

Everyone is invited to join us as we celebrate 50 years of service to South Ham and surrounding areas.

As well as celebrations for our current members, we are holding a Celebration service for all at St Andrew’s Church on 11th October from 1030am.

There will be a talk on the company History and we will also be presenting all of our current boys with their awards. There will also be a special short ceremony to commission our brand new Queen’s Colour. The cost of which was purely from donations and fund raising from the boys and staff.

The Band consisting of ex-members may be reforming even put in a special one-off appearance.

The service will be attended by many dignitaries such as the BB Chief Executive, Andrew Johnston, Our Local MP, Maria Miller, The Deputy Mayor, Jane Frankum. Officers and Chaplains from the past may also be there.

Following the Celebration Service there will be time for all to reminisce and look at our massive slideshow of around 2000 photos spanning over the last 50 years. There will also be a small display of things from our past.

Light Food and drinks will be served after the service.

Please come along to support the work of the company and meet old friends and share experiences with our current lads.

Not everyone is on Online so please pass on to all you know so we get an amazing turnout. We’re doing all we can. We have put advertising in local papers and radio and spoken to people directly. People will still get missed so please tell people. Better twice than to miss it.

So please save the date: Sunday 11th October at 1030 @ St Andrew’s. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Captain Theresa Strachan and all of the Staff and Boys of the 3rd. 🎂🎉🎊🏆🇬🇧

Camp 2015

3rd Basingstoke Posted on Mon, August 10, 2015 12:09

We have just returned from Camp 2015 in Dyffryn Ardudwy in North Wales. A Very beautiful part of the world. Four of our Company section boys and three members of staff went along. We had a great week with lots to do and plenty to see. Activities such as go-karting, walking, rock climbing, swimming, visits to Harlech Castle. There is a small gallery of some photos taken during the week. More pictures may be added in the future.

50th Anniversary of 3rd Basingstoke

3rd Basingstoke Posted on Fri, May 22, 2015 11:55

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of 3rd Basingstoke Boys’ Brigade Company. We will be celebrating the occasion with a special weekend on 10 – 11 October 2015. We’ll be hosting an open day at St. Andrews’ Church on Saturday 10 October.

Then on Sunday 11 October will be a special service at St. Andrews’ Church including badge presentations to our current boys and a celebration for all ex-members of 3rd Basingstoke. Everyone and anyone who has been a part of 3rd Basingstoke over the last 50 years is invited to join us.

We will post more details about the open weekend and special service nearer the time. Please get in touch with us using the contact page on the website or our Facebook group to receive details and updates.

We hope to see lots of old friends on the 10 and 11 October 2015.

Over Night Camp

3rd Basingstoke Posted on Wed, May 06, 2015 12:36

The Junior and Company sections are away on an overnight camp in June. This will be the fourth time we have done this short camp event and the boys really enjoy attending. This camp will incorporate a sponsored event.

Computer Games Day – Sat 11 April 2015

1st Thatcham Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 08:05

The Battalion Computer Games Day will take place on Saturday 11 April
2015 from 12.00 – 6.00 pm at St. Andrews’ Church in Basingstoke. We will
be holding computer game competitions during the day with certificates
for the winners.

The event is for Company Section and Seniors from all Battalion Companies. Refreshments are provided.

Hope to see you there!

New website

1st Thatcham Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 08:05

Welcome to the new website for the North Hampshire & West Berkshire Boys’ Brigade Battalion.

I hope you like the design!

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